Chinese Govt. website hacked by Killuminati

   April 22 2011:
   Three chinese govt website were hacked today by a cracker who identifies himself as Killuminati 
   Below are list of hacked websites:
Hacker has left below message on deface page:
"Our society is being manipulated, controlled and getting used everyday by the Illuminati, now you may ask who or what is the Illuminati? Illuminati is a group of people also called the elite basically this group controls everything like the media, the education system, the governments and soon the whole world... Now ask your self should we let this happen? Are you happy with the things that are going on? entertaiment is their weapon , they keep us busy with it , keep us blind so they can do whatever they want without any problems and the ones that were against them are already dead How does Illuminati control the media - with media I mean everything we see on tv, newspappers, radios, the movies we see, the news we read and the songs we listen to. All contain something from Illuminati I can't say trust me but I can say see it for your self do some research and you will know what I'm talking about There are few links to give you for a start ( Illuminati news ,Illuminati music industry , 2pac exposing the Illuminati ) , the rest is up to you. There is a lot of things to know, so please take your time to open your eyes on your own. Thanks for taking the time to read this. -Killuminati "

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