Team poison's EDL (English Defence League) leaks lands innocent in Trouble?

What is EDL?

The English Defence League (EDL) is an English far-right single-issue political organisation formed in 2009. Its stated aim is to oppose what it considers as the spread of Islamism, Sharia law and Islamic extremism in England, although the EDL's political direction is being debated within the group.

The EDL uses street-based marches against Muslim extremism to attract attention to its objective.It presents itself as being multi-ethnic and multi-faith, and states that it opposes only "jihadists", not all Muslims. Nevertheless, EDL members were reported to have chanted "We hate Muslims" at pro-Palestinian demonstrators in London on 13 September 2009, and the EDL's own website states it has been branded a "racist", "fascist" and "far-right" group by "some organisations and media reports".

Estimates of the size of EDL membership vary. The EDL claims to have "thousands" of members in scores of branches, a claim contradicted by the organisation's spokesman Trevor Kelway, who said it has about 300 active supporters who attend demonstrations, and has strong support from Cardiff, Swansea, Luton and Portsmouth.An analyst believes the group has 300 to 500 active supporters that it can mobilise at any given time.The Scottish Defence League is an offshoot organisation formed to hold demonstrations in Glasgow, while the Welsh Defence League was formed to demonstrate in Swansea and Newport.The EDL were the subject of a 2010 BBC documentary, Young, British and Angry.


Recently, hacker group "Team Poison" had hacked into their facebook pages which was highlighted in british & international media.

Yesterday, OnlinehackingNews got an email from paul Atwal of Atwal cars & sales(UK).

Here is the content of email




Mr. Paul has urged the Team Poison to remove it's name from EDL list as they are in no way associated with it.



While doing research, we were pleasantly surprised to see our blog being referred on EDL facebook page.


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