PAKBUGS hacked by "GOD"!!

    March 19 2011:
    Seems like PAKBUGS got a taste of their own medicine.Hacker who identifies himself by "GOD" hacked into their website & published database for download.Aha! thats interesting

Message by GOD:

" is a trash website Hacked by GOD. If you are a LAMMER like ZombiE_KsA, or if you have a LAMMER community, be patient, you will be hacked soon ;)
Only ethical hacking communities will remain intact, the rest, will be Hacked by GOD !!!"

Mirror: Use proxy like hidemyass if you are in india :-)
Mirror Link:



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Novamaster said...

Haked by GOD (hehehe God???? God of Lamers maybe??? LOL)

This script kiddy lamer ash*le has no life... Hack your as* stupid lamer

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