PCA's Team Poison hacks Rahul Gandhi's website!

    Dec20 2010:
" Team poison" from PCA have hacked into Rahul Gandhi's official website. Earlier they had hacked into Sonia Gandhi & Manmohan singh's official website.Onlinehackingnews had learnt from it's sources that hackers from both sides had reportedly agreed to some "peace deal" by not hacking each other's websites.But it seems like the cyber war is still on..

  They have posted below message on website:

   Hacked by TriCk aka Saywhat? & TaZii -[ TeaMp0isoN - Pak Cyber Army ] -
We Warned Indian Script Kiddies Yet they ignored us, the outcome of them ignoring us is sonia gandhi getting hacked.

The Biggest terrorists in the world are India, USA & Israel - Everyday 100s of innocent people are killed in kashmir for no reason, india is supposed to be the new home of ICT yet you cant even secure your politicians websites.. - Message to Indian Skids: We Hacked your Prime Minister while your sitting at home using google dorks to find sites to perform SQLi on,

We Are (TeaMp0isoN): TriCk aka Saywhat? - Luit - eXhAiL - Hex00010

Greets to: ZombiE_KSA - PakCyberArmy - TaZii - Code5 - Shak - Net.Cracker - root@localhost - xTreMisT - ZHC - MindFreaK - Spider - PAKhaxors - E.T.A - TheSin - -


    Here is the link: Click Here

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