Orkut "Bom Sabado" is a cross-site-scripting attack

 26 Sept 2010:
 Offlate, many of my friends complained that their account got hacked.On investigation, onlinehackingnews found that they have become victim of cross site scripting.
 Computer virus ‘Bom Saboda’ or ‘Bom Sabado’, which means good Saturday in Portuguese has attacked Google’s social networking website Orkut on Saturday morning.
A malicious Bom Sabado is a cross-site-scripting attack, which is flooding the scrap of Orkut users and also linking it different groups.
The Orkut has asked its users to avoid visiting Orkut till the problem is fixed.
This is the second XSS attack on a social networking website in a week. The popular microblogging website Twitter had also attacked by a computer worm created by Norwegian hacker.
The worm bombarded pop-up messages and directed the users to pornography websites.
The experts advise is that delete the cookies of your computer and change the password.


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