Hide your track with Cyberghost VPN

*NOTE* I am not responsible for what you do when your IP address is masked.

Firstly, IP addresses can be masked a number of ways. I will not only go into depth about IP addresses, I will also dip into Mac Address spoofing.

IP Masking

1) Download a VPN client -- in these screen shots I will be using Cyber Ghost virtual private networking services, the link can be found at:

2) Navigate to the site, you'll see a page like this. Click what's high lighted below:

3) Navigate to this page: and click the download from cNet button. You'll be redirected to

4) Click the button as shown below:

5) Download the installer. Once downloaded, do as shown below:

  Let the installer download the necessary files.

6) Accept the terms of use, either let the installer auto-select the install directory, or choose your own, click the install button.

7) Make sure you let the installer install the driver, TAP32. Restart your PC.

8) Follow the steps below:

Click the button below, create your account and remember your information:

Masking your IP VIA proxy:

This is the easiest way to get around web blockers, banned accounts, etc.

An example site would be:

You could, and may also view the proxy mega thread.

Spoofing your MAC Address:

When you're wireless cracking, hacking or wanting to circumvent an active ban that has to do with MAC Address, you can easily use this tool:
Visit here for more  Click


I hope this helped. If you're banned from any java-based game, you should re-install JAVA on a new IP address. MAC Address spoofing is also relevant on Pandora to by-pass hours. [tested].


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