Gain Access to a school/College wireless network through human manipulation

DISCLAIMER:I am not responsible for anything you do with this simple Social Engineering trick. However, this is intended for enjoyment.

Introduction: Many schools have computer-illiterate teachers and wireless networks with either specially designed network certificates designed by the school board or direct interaction login pages. These systems require a username and password, given to only teachers and other faculty. Students find this unfair, especially if they can't use our jailbroken iPod Touch's out of it... 

The Steps

Step 1. Victim: You first need a victim. In this case, a teacher with access to the wifi network. Either choose one who you know well or randomly. It pays to get a teacher or IT that has school-wide user management on their computer account. That way, you can possibly log on to the school computers with their computer and manage accounts.

Step 2. Familiarity: Once you chose a rather, computer illiterate teacher you need to; if not already, get familiar with them. I know it sounds horrid, but become a teacher's pet. (Of course, trying your hardest to maintain social ranking. They need to be able to remotely trust you.

Step 3. The Hit: Wait until a project or study, that requires either a school netbook or your own laptop. Follow the steps according to which you choose. Before doing so, make sure the browser is set to prompt you to save passwords.

School Notebook: While maintaining your current image in the teacher's eyes, kindly inform the teacher that you can't connect to the preconfigured network on the netbook. Ask the teacher if he/she could enter his/her credentials to the wireless certificate page. When prompted by the browser to save the password, click "save". Bingo!

Your own laptop: Since students aren't given wifi credentials, simply ask your teacher to enter her information. When prompted by the browser to save the password, click "save". Easy!

Step 4. Extraction: If the host computer runs Firefox, simply go to Tools >> Options >> Passwords. If not, pick up a PE password extraction tool for the according browser @

Step 5. Enjoy!: After this you are presented with a number of options. You can sell the password to close, close friends or possibly try to use that password with the teachers account on the school computers. With that, you can control other students accounts, manage existing accounts on the network, and in some cases, admin priviledges! Pow!


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